Wiggle Workers SPOTLIGHT with Marni Duffy

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This is the fifth post in an ongoing series highlighting part-time remote job seekers within the tech industry. We ask guests a bit about what they are looking for and their remote working routine. Our goal here is to connect job seekers with each other as well as get the word out to employers that they are available.

For this post we virtually sat down with developer and designer Marni Duffy.

Marni Duffy

Could you tell us a bit about your professional background and what type of position are you looking for now?

I have worked as a software developer, UI/UX developer, and graphic designer.

I am always open to hearing about positions doing development and design. I love working for organizations that help underserved folks. I value diversity and inclusion, flexible work arrangements, a safe environment to fail, and product/design driven teams.

What is one of your professional accomplishments you are most proud of?

I created a marketing landing page for a startup that I worked for. It was not in my job description, but it was really needed so that our public face matched our mission. I was able to help the company dial in their voice and identity before creating a landing page that met their needs. And I did it quickly!

What topics are you looking to learn more about in your next role; in what area would you like to grow?

I just built a Raspberry Pi temperature sensor for my greenhouse that sends data via WiFi to a Google Firebase database. Using React Native, I created an app to serve the data to Android and iOS devices. I’m super interested in hardware, IoT, etc!

I am able to quickly embrace new ideas and methods. I thrive on being challenged in an environment that values personal development and where it is safe to fail. I’d love to work on a team using React and or React Native. I’d love to learn more backend skills, specifically Swift, Node, and or Go.

How long have you worked remotely? Do you have any tricks or tips regarding working remotely?

I’ve worked remotely for 2+ years. I think it is important to work on teams that already have remote employees and already have a system for communication, project management, meetings, etc. It is easy to forget about remote employees if there is not a system in place!

For tools, I love my sit-stand desk ( and my noise cancelling, over ear headset (plantronics). White noise apps (simplynoise is great!) for those intense development moments. As many monitors as one can fit (I only have one extra monitor, but I’m lusting over another). Using a time tracking app (Harvest) is helpful, particularly for hourly contract work. Harvest has a great invoicing tool! Asana and or Trello are great if the company you’re working with doesn’t have a great project management system.

I own and operate a farm, so mixing computer work with farm work helps me stay focused and healthy. I also go to the gym a few times a week and lift heavy stuff and put it back down again.

What do you do to make working remotely comfortable?

I have a kitten, and when we first rescued her, she was my lap heater every day. Here she is being worn in a sling while I worked:

Marni Duffy

I also have a flock of chickens, and some ducklings and chicks; they are so fun to observe and are certainly a stress reliever. While they don’t ever spend time in my office, I know where to find them when I need a break from humans!

What is the best way for employers to see your work and get in touch?

Thank you so much for chatting with us Marni!

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