Relaunching in Ridiculous Times

We originally launched Wiggle Work a few years ago out of frustration with the lack of transparency around pay and flexibility within tech job postings. Additionally, part-time and freelance roles were clearly regarded as an afterthought by job boards–banished to the dark, shameful product basement. While our passion for the mission never faltered, it quickly felt that perhaps fully remote tech roles were simply not in demand enough to fill a job board with or build a community around. But that was three years ago and things are very different now. 

A wave of wiggles

The pandemic has brought less and less weirdness around looking for and posting part-time and long-term freelance roles, and yet these qualified folks are forced to sift through thousands of full-time, irreverent jobs to find one or two potential matches. Likewise, employers are not reaching the exact people that can help them out of a bind. 

We’ve seen struggling parents leave their inflexible jobs that didn’t allow for kids being home from school. We’ve seen others inspired to work less to pursue other passions with a new revelation of how fragile life can be. Others looking to add to their full-time schedule to tackle extra, unexpected expenses. There are more reasons than ever that part-time and freelance remote work has become even more desirable–and for many, entirely essential. 

Our vision for Wiggle Work is one of a supportive, like-minded community and a go-to, steady reference for consistent access to part-time working arrangements that pay the bills, connecting with others in similar situations to form lasting relationships and long-term working engagements.  

Let’s stop wrongfully accepting loneliness and scarcity as part of this lifestyle. Let’s lean into it, proudly own it, and connect over this shared lifestyle. 

The Wiggly Audience

We’re here for part-timers, freelancers, and companies that need a bit of help and understand that highly skilled, high producing individuals don’t always want a full-time job to report to each day. 

These jobs will be for people in the tech space, so:

  • Developers and designers
  • Project and product managers
  • Copywriters
  • Marketers
  • Sales members
  • Customer service team members
  • And many more (you know who you are!)

Above all, Wiggle Work is for people that value autonomy, transparency, flexibility, virtual collaboration, and fair pay practices. 

Blog Topics

To start, this project is going to prioritize the blog. We’ll be writing about remote work, freelancing, job sharing, flexible schedules, tech leadership, books reviews, and employee and employer spotlights to name a few.

An image featuring a card which depicsts a person and title

We’ll highlight job seekers and employers alike and if you’d like to participate in the Spotlight series) please send us an email at We’d love to help spread the good word and get you lined up with the perfectly wiggly role.   

Job Postings

Job postings are FREE. Criteria include:

  • Fully remote, always
  • Pay at least $25USD an hour
  • Engagement that lasts at least 3 months (no quick gigs)

You can add a job posting through the form here. We’ll quickly post it on the site and share on Twitter.  

A job ad

Me vs. Pandemic

I know that without a doubt, had I not been working part-time, from home, for myself over this past year and a half I would not have been able to hold down employment. At all. There’s no employer in the world that would have allowed me to miss as many days as I needed to miss to ensure the family was safe, educated, and entertained. Some days were spent crying, some celebrating a break from crying, some just in an unproductive daze, and others attempting to exercise stress away. Mainly though, most were spent not working. 

I’ve been operating part-time over the pandemic from a makeshift standing desk office in my living room/indoor jungle after losing my home office and cowering space. It’s as inspiring of a place that any in-home setup can be but the distractions are relentless–though less so now that school has started. 

A home office featuring lots of plants

I wake up before the sun without an alarm clock. I start with reading and emails and then go to the gym. I get back for client calls and some design work before dinner, followed by a few hours after dinner of quiet research work. I try to avoid working on Fridays and instead go for long bike rides and drink too much coffee. Sometimes these days are spent only on fun internal projects, like this one and Jelly Jabber

There are days that just get away from me with kid’s dentist appointments and soccer and I just simply move things around and it’s fine. The world doesn’t end (well, not because of this anyway) and this time gets made up. The projects get done and my clients are happy. I’m able to lean into my natural work cycle while also making sure my personal life doesn’t completely fall apart.   

It’s weird and segmented but it’s the only thing that works for me right now and I know others are reading this and relating–we can’t do it all, especially on a rigid work schedule and feeling alone. 

Case of the Wiggles

I’m so excited about spending time on this again. If you want me to help spread the word that you are looking for a flexible job, are looking to hire for a flexible job, or simply want to chat over virtual coffee about how weird things are right now you can reach me at or @jonitrythall

See you around, my wiggle warrior friends.

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